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Natalino Ebejer

Natalino Ebejer was born in Ħamrun on the 23rd of December, 1936. He was called Emanuel but everyone called him Natalino (the name meaning 'one who is born around Christmas time'). He had spent the first years of his childhood in Ħamrun and l-Imsida. He was an Actor, a singer and also played the piano.

From childhood he had a great attraction to the stage and singing. He took part in several theatrical performances and acted the main parts in several operettas that were produced in the fifties and sixties.

Natalino Ebejer

He also took part in many Radio Plays which at the time were broadcast on cable radio called the Rediffusion, and was also be part of the company Radju Muskettieri. Apart from that he also took part in the programs by Uncle Frans Frans Said which was a children's programme and was also part of the family of Fredu Frendo Sghendo playing the character of Eddie the elder brother, with Vitorin Galea in the part of Mother, Johnnie Navarro as Fredu Frendo Sghendo, and Charles Clews in the part of Mr.Brown. This program was very entertaining and every Saturday most Maltese children would go to listen to the popular broadcast on the Rediffusion. In the second part of the programme they held a competition for best joke sent by the listeners which would be interpreted by the same actors.

Natalino also was a great musician and played the piano; when he stopped from broadcasting he formed a band group called Natalino's Sound and later he went solo playing and singing in several well known hotels in Malta.

Natalino Ebejer died on the 10th of May 1995 at the age of 59. He was married to Lina nee’ Cipriott from l-Imġarr and they lived in Msida for many years. They had two daughters Josette (Gera) and Sandra (Hammett) and four grandchildren Jason and Kristian Gera, Naomi and Nicole Hammett.

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