Matthew Anthony Caruana

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Matthew Anthony Caruana

Matthew Anthony Caruana born on the 31 December 1998, Comes from Marsascala ans lives at Ħaż-Żabbar. He is a Singer.

He has always had a passion for music. During her pregnancy, his mother used to play classical music to her womb and Matthew grew up to be very talented in the creative arts.

At a very young age, Matthew self taught the guitar and piano and that was when he truly started to appreciate music. He later started to study the trumpet and drums but he focused on learning only the guitar. Being very reserved as a child, Matthew Anthony discovered that he could express himself through music and that was when he started to write his own music.

Aged 9, Matthew Anthony wrote and composed his first song entitled Something Missing and went on to perform the song during a show in his primary school. After Something Missing, Matthew kept on writing originals without releasing any to the public. This was a way Matthew could express his emotions and still does to date. He gets his inspiration mostly from negative experiences and transforms them into something positive and inspirational.

Matthew Anthony Caruana

In 2015, Matthew decided to take his hobbies more seriously and that is when he started taking singing lessons to focus on his vocals as well, rather than just composing music. Apart from that he started dancing hip-hop that same year. This led him to his first taste of Eurovision, when Matthew Anthony was part of the opening dance act at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016, which was held in Malta. Being part of the international show, this was a very memorable and special moment for Matthew.

Eurovision was always a big deal for Matthew and his family as it was treated as a yearly event were his parents’ friends used to gather to watch the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. This is where Matthew got attached to this contest and year after year his interest grew stronger. From 2010, Matthew never missed going to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and it had always been a dream for him to eventually be one of the contestants and not just the audience.

This year, Matthew Anthony’s dream finally came true and although he did not write the song ‘Call 2morrow’, and he is a new commer for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 he really connected with the song and could immediately imagine himself performing the song. It gives out the perfect image and style Matthew Anthony wanted to portray through the contest. It is a different style of song that, in his opinion, MESC has never experienced. Matthew has been waiting and preparing for this perf