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The Maltese Community Council of Victoria, Inc. (MCCV) was established on July 6, 1958 on the initiative of the Austral-Malta Association. Having developed into an umbrella organization for its affiliated members, the MCCV is recognized as the official and legitimate body representing the Maltese community of Victoria.

Delegates on the first council came from the Austral-Malta Association, Maltese Settlers Association, Malta Migrants Catholic Association, Melita Social Club, Melfare Club, George Cross Soccer Club, Melita Soccer Club, St. Fidelis Soccer Club, Ex-service Association, 17th Melbourne 1st Malta Boys Scouts Group, Star of the Sea Dramatic Company, and the monthly publication Malta.

The MCCV is a non-profit organization providing social, cultural, recreational and welfare support to all members of the Maltese Community in the State of Victoria. The MCCV is an umbrella organization for some thirty Maltese associations.

Welfare Services

In October 1997, the MCCV started delivering Community Aged Care Packages (CACPs) at the Maltese Centre in Parkville to Maltese frail elderly who need planned and co-ordinate services because of their complex care needs. It enables them to live independently in their own homes or in the community and delays their need to enter an institutional environment.

Library and Publications

The Council owns and runs the only Maltese public library in Australia at the Maltese Centre, known also as Ċentru Malti. Apart from books, the library has audio and visual material. The MCCV’s own monthly newspaper, ''Il-Maltija'', was published under the editorship of Charles Camilleri in 1990. This has since ceased publication. The MCCV publishes a bi-monthly newsletter MCCV News in an electronic form through their website.

The MCCV Ladies’ Auxiliary was formed in 1976 with Carmen Vella as the first President. The Ladies Auxiliary was formed to raise funds for the MCCV.

Past and current Presidents

The first President of the Council was Paul Paris. Past Presidents include Anthony Bonnici, Victor Borg, Professor Maurice Cauchi and Joseph Borg. Victor Borg is the longest serving President of the MCCV. The current President of the MCCV is Professor Maurice Cauchi.

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