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Manuel Chircop

Manuel Chircop was born in Vittoriosa ( Birgu ) on the 2nd of April, 1953. His present residence is at Qajjenza, Birżebbugia.

At the age of six he participated in a Carnival Company from Vittoriosa created by his late father Charles Chircop were he made his debut in dancing in public. After about two years, at the age of eight he started singing were he participated in serveral ‘Song Festivals’ used to be held around Malta and Gozo.

He won several festivals at that time but he had to stop participating for a reason after winning the ‘Dominican Song Contest’ in 1965. This was held by the Dominican Fathers in Vittoriosa were they had to stop doing the festival to start a more friendly community between children then compete against one another. So the late Fr. George Grech O.P. was incharge for this new theatrical company for children which was named as ‘I Piccolissimi’.

Manuel decided to quit taking part in festivals and joined in this group for so many many years. It was a very serious committment cause you have to attend for rehearsals almost every day to get prepared for the first variety show but he said that it was a success. He studied theory of music with the help of the same director, Fr. George Grech where he was encouraged to play a music instrument to join the band formed in this group by the same children. From that day on, he never did look back and he grew up in this company now with a different name. Delfini Ferrieħa.

At this time he was a teenager and started to take part in drama, dancing and teaching dancing, taking care of all the props needed on stage and so on. He even started to write lyrics for songs in maltese called ‘Makjetti’ to be used in variety shows used to be held around Malta and Gozo. Such famous songs written from him and very well known were ‘Tarżan u Jane’ where he use to take the part of Tarżan. His first song that he wrote was called ‘Tuni l’Unu’ where he created the name of this woman who decided to participate in an election. He named her ‘Joyce Xrieħa’ and became very famous through Malta and Gozo

For some reasons, he had to stop being active in this theatrical company so he had to quit for good. But though he is in his sixties, still kept one of his many hobbies he had. ‘SINGING’ . After all, singing was his favourite hobby so he decided to start again and joined the ‘Joy Gospel Choir’ where he can attend every week for rehearsals and taking part in lots of concerts around Malta and Gozo.

Recently Manuel write a song named 'Stennejtek' for a young singer Nathan Psaila with music by Dominic Cini and it reach the final of the L-Għanja tal-Poplu – Żgħażagħ 2018 held on 2 March, 2018.

He was married with three kids, Stephanie Chircop – presenter, singer and hair dresser, Nadine Fenech – singer and hair dresser and Keith Chircop – Latin and Ballroom teacher. Between them they have five kids, five gorgeous, lovely grand kids enough to be called for baby sitting. What do you expect when you retire?

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