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The Maltese Community Centre, known also as Ċentru Malti in Parkville was opened in December 1983.


In 1968, the then Provincial of the Missionary Society of St. Paul, Fr George Scerri, announced that the leaders of the MSSP had decided to make its property in Parkville available to the Maltese community. The project stipulated that the priests would keep a small part of the land on which to build a chapel and for their use in the delivery of spiritual service. The rest of the land would be used for the construction of a Maltese Centre with facilities to cater for the needs of the Maltese community in the fields of education, social welfare, sports and so forth. Various fund-raising activities were organized throughout the Maltese community in Victoria; these included the Tini Jdejk project by Fr David Azzopardi.

The foundation stone, which was shipped from Malta, was presented at the council meeting held on 4 February 1981. It is the work of the Maltese sculptor Marco Montebello. It was laid in September 1983. The Victorian Premier John Cain officially opened the Maltese Community Centre on the 20th November 1983.

The Maltese Centre or Ċentru Malti is the official seat of the Maltese Community Council of Victoria.

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