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The Malta Council for Culture and the Arts (MCCA) was set up by Parliamentary Act in 2002.

The MCCA took over from what was known as the Department of Culture, which was part of the Ministry of Culture. The MCCA is authorised and obliged by the Act, among other objectives, to advance funds allocated by government for the management, administration and operational requirements of the following government entities:

The MCCA aims to cultivate, through investment and support, a creative expression of excellence and to inspire a forward-looking Maltese cultural identity. Its mission is to promote Malta’s culture through all forms of creative expression, increase the accessibility of the public to the arts and enhance Malta’s cultural heritage locally and abroad.

The MCCA's objectives are:

  1. To foster standards of excellence in the arts
  2. To promote Malta’s arts and culture through all forms of creative expression
  3. To broaden access and participation to art and cultural events of excellence
  4. To develop sustainable relationships with businesses and organizations in the field of art and culture
  5. To support artists and art organizations to fulfill their creative potential, both in Malta and abroad

with the following priorities:

  1. To create art strategies that will see the cultural policy being brought to fruition according to contemporary practices
  2. To broaden the scope and quality of cultural support to artists especially in terms of the innovative and the unique
  3. To secure a foundation for artistic development
  4. To build a culture of co-operation between cultural institutions and the arts community

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