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Mary Magdalen Magri (known as Magda Magri Naudi) was born in St Paul’s Bay on the 29th May 1948 daughter of Hector Francis Naudi and Carmen Frendo, the first of 3 siblings.

She married Sandro Magri on the 19th June 1976 and is the mother of two Girls.

In 1975 she qualified as a Health and Beauty therapist from Dubarry Of London. She followed her career and became a tutor and verifier for Beauty Therapy students sitting for VCTC examinations UK.

Towards 1997 she was approached by presenters such as Lilian Maistre, Monica Attard, Susan Mulvaney Sacco, Marbeck Spiteri and others in order to take part in programmes they presented. The topic was Health and Beauty which was based on Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, Herbal treatments, Natural Beauty Treatments and other alternative medicine treatments.

The longest spell of around 23 years was with Lilian Maistre who presented Familja Waħda, a daily programme on Radio Malta 1. All programmes were Phone ins and had a vast amount of listeners and popularity.

She was invited to present similar slots on other radios as well as on the topic regarding Etiquette, on Radio Malta 1, Radio 101, On TVM television as well as NET television she took part in hands-on programmes where she showed methods of mixing herbs or essential oils From 1997 till 2019 she was Mayor or deputy Mayor of Lija but this deter her from keeping her appointment with her listeners.

She graduated from the University of Malta in Management Studies in 1998 and in 2005 she published a book called Titwila Lejn is-Saħħa u s-Sbuħija which her followers were requesting after listening to her programmes.

In 2020 and 2021 her regular slot on Radio Malta 1 did not stop once even during the pandemic of Covid 19. Together with the presenter Gordon Caruana it was possible to transmit online and be as close to the listeners as always.

The last programme on Radio Malta 1 was presented on the 16th September 2021 with Gordon Caruana.