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Susan Mulvaney

Susan Mulvaney (11 November 1946 - 7 October 2017) was a broadcaster and journalist, born in Mosta.

She was educated at St Monica School and St Therese Grammar School in Mdina.

In 1964 she joined the Union Press as an apprentice journalist. Later she was appointed sub-editor with L-Orizzont and became primarily known for edited the women’s page. After Union Press she worked for a while Mediterranean News.

Susan Mulvaney at an RTK radio studio

In April 1976 Susan joined Xandir Malta as a part-timer and took over the production of the daily women's programme. She became a full-time producer with the national broadcasting company in 1981.

In 1991 Mulvaney joined RTK Radio as a producer-presenter based at the newly built studios at Malta Church's Media Center. During this period she was also a regular contributor to the weekly paper Il-Ġens, produced by the same organisation.

Mulvaney published several recipes books. She was involved in the philantropic activities, and was chairperson of the Carmen Carbonaro School of Beauty and Hairdressing, Schools Councils. and founder-member of the Association of Schools Councils.

In 2013 she returned to Radio Malta where she continued to broadcast until a few days before she died from cancer at the age of 71.

Susan Mulvaney was married to Charles Sacco and together they had two children Marika and Daniela.