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An initial planning meeting took place on 16 November 2010 between Michael Bugeja, Alex Grech, Tony Grimaud and Toni Sant. See agenda [1].

A further informal gathering took place in Scarborough on Wednesday 23 February 2011 between Alex Grech, Tony Grimaud and Toni Sant.

In early April 2011, Michael Bugeja and Toni Sant met with Jean Pierre Debattista for preliminary discussions on the evening event for 3 June.

Programme Elements

  • Introduction: Why is it Important to Ensure Longevity on the M3P? - Dr Toni Sant
  • Keynote: How Can People Find Out About It? And Why Does It Matter? - Alex Grech or Michael Bugeja or both

Practical Workshops

HANDS-ON SESSIONS: Registered users who are still to contribute: What's keep you...? - A series of workshops by Tony Grimaud

Some weeks before the conference/workshops, registered users will be contacted via email with questions about M3P, its usefulness, user-friendliness, their reasons for not/stopped contributing to M3P, etc. and at the same time, invite them to the workshops/conference. This will be done through Google Forms.

WORKSHOP 1: What is a user page and how does it work?

  • Getting started
  • Creating a new page
  • Text Editing
  • What is a STUB?
  • Formatting: Headings, Numbered Lists, Bullet Lists, Text Indents
  • A Page versus a User-Page.
  • Signing a User-Page.

WORKSHOP 2: I've already created a page. Now what?

  • Linking to another M3P page (Internal Link)
  • Linking with another display title.
  • Linking outside M3P (External Link)
  • Linking Page to a Category.
  • Moving a page
  • Importing Images with captions.

WORKSHOP 3: Re-purposing newspaper articles for M3P pages.

  • Discussion on possible collaboration to re-purpose published articles on M3P.

See also:

  • "help that seemed to work the first time": [2]
  • Proposed Questionnaire (work in progress) [3]
  • Proposed Workshops Content (work in progress) [4]

Roundtables & Seminars

  • PANEL: Technical considerations for memory projects
    • Dr Ing Saviour Zammit - University of Malta
    • Darren Stephens - University of Hull
  • SEMINAR: Intellectual Property Rights
    • Dr Jeanine Rizzo - IP Law Specialist
  • SEMINAR: Birmingham Popular Music Archive
    • Jez Collins - Birmingham City University
  • ROUNDTABLE: Ensuring Longevity on Malta's Public Broadcasting Archives
    • Charles Farrugia - National Archives
    • Anton Attard - PBS (tbc)
    • Glen Calleja - CCP
    • Andrew Alamango - Filfla Records

More tba

Call for Papers & Presentations

This is the main text circulated ahead of the conference to invite papers and presentations:

Following on from the symposium held to launch the Malta Music Memory Project (M3P) in September 2010, the M3P Foundation will be holding its first annual conference at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta, Malta, on 3-4 June 2011, in association with the University of Hull's School of Arts and New Media (Scarborough Campus), the University of Malta's Departments of Communications & Computer Engineering and Youth & Community Studies, and the National Archives of Malta.
The theme for this two-day conference is Ensuring Longevity On Collaborative Memory Projects Online. There will be two parallel strands made up of ongoing community development workshops and panels for paper presentations. Participants in both strands will meet for plenaries as well as for evening live music performances on each day of the conference.
Papers and presentations are invited in panels on each of following general topics, in relation to the conference theme - Ensuring Longevity on Collaborative Memory Projects:
  • Information management issues in crowd-sourced archives
  • Technical considerations for memory projects
  • Cultural benefits embedded in collaborative online archiving
Proposals crossing between any of these topics and other related areas are also welcome.
Please send your proposal (250-500 words) and brief bio (100-150 words) to t.sant(at)hull(dot)ac(dot)uk and saviour.zammit(at)um(dot)edu(dot)mt by Monday 28 February 2011.
All papers/presentations will be peer-reviewed for inclusion in published conference proceedings later on in 2011.
This conference is supported in part by the Malta Arts Fund of the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts within the Parliamentary Secretariat for Tourism, Culture & the Environment. The publication of conference proceeding is supported by the University of Hull's Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

Most of the information on this talk page previously appeared on the main page for this event. --Toni Sant (talk) 11:59, 10 June 2011 (UTC)