Leli Muscat l-Gaxulli

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Leli Muscat l-Gaxulli was a noted folk music enthusiast who recorded hundreds of hours of live sessions from 1961 onwards. He was born in Dingli on the 30th November 1930. His unique collection featuring hundreds of hours of Malta's foremost folksingers in the golden age were acquired by the Friends of the National Archives of Malta, after being identified and brokered by folk music researcher Steve Borg. A keen follower of Pawlu Seychell l-Għannej, whom he followed in every nook and cranny and who features prominently, Muscat also recorded at least forty seven leading folksingers over a span of three decades.

An ongoing project of the Leli Muscat Folk Music Collection includes the transfer of all recovered reels from analog into digital format.

He passed away in 2015.

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