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Mro. Lawrence Borg

Lawrence Borg was born in Cospicua on 18 August 1938. At the age of 13 years began musical studies with Soċjeta Filarmonika Fra Antoine De Paule Banda Kristu Re, of Paola, with Francesco Busuttil. In 1954 he playing for the first time as a soloist on euphonium with the same hand.

He continued studying music theory with Joseph Abela Scolaro. Later with Dr. Charles E. Zammit began studying harmony, the, orchestration and fuga. He continued his studies with Mro. Carmelo Pace, where he received a diploma in composition FLCM. Also completed a course of modern music with Paul Grech.

Lawrence Borg was appointed musical director of the Każin San Ġużepp u Banda de Rohan and in September 1978 and ran directs this band for 12 years until March 1990.

During this time the Każin San Ġużepp u Banda de Rohan has made great progress and among the various musical programs directed there was one made in 1985 on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the establishment of the Banda de Rohan and the Annual Concert Clubs Association of the band made in Catholic Istitute Floriana in 1984. other special occasion was in September 1989 when the Każin San Ġiużepp u Banda De Rohan participated in the Silver Jubilee of Independence Malta.

Among the compositions find Maestro Borg Mass sung in Re Minore to Saint Helena, Sinforietta for orchestra, soloists and piano overture suites for either hand, Poem tone, marches Sinfoniċi, Flauto Suite for Solo, sacred hymns, anthems of band and musical arrangements for soloists and band. The two most marches that Maestro Lawrence Borg remains unknown to us Ġużeppini olives are the march "Of faith" and "Great occurrence".

Lawrence Borg was bandmaster for the St Joseph Band Club of Ħamrun between 1984 and 1991. He is married to Mary and they have three children, two of them well established in the field of music.