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Lara Dimech

Lara Dimech born on 10 April, 1995. lives at is-Swieqi. She is an Actress, Singer and Musician.

Lara Dimech

Being exposed and introduced to both music and drama at a very young age has helped Lara Dimech a lot through the years. She was introduced to drama at school.

She just loved the idea of interpreting different characters and being on stage since she was little. But for some time she decided to focus more on music.

In 2009 Lara had the opportunity to be an opening act as a pianist in Teatru Unplugged 12, which was my first public performance and one of the performances that she will always remember and cherish.

This made her realise that this is what Lara wanted to do. By the time she was 16, and started doing electric and acoustic sets in local pubs.

In 2011 I decided to give acting another chance when she was given the opportunity to take part in the television drama Dreams produced by Rewind Productions, and at 2014 she got another acting role in the television series on TVM Katrina

After her part in 'Rockestra' recently Lara was part of a new band called Jules Forest formed in 2016 as a lead vocals. They launch their debut single on video on 2 April, 2016. named Daggers.

On 10 September, 2016 Lara for another year was part from Rockestra line-up. While between 23, 24 and 25 September, 2016. Lara Dimech taken part in the Musical Il-Perit producer by Bronk Productions at Sir Temi Zammit Hall, writen by Brian Bonnici, composed by Dominic Cini, direct by Tonio Vella where Lara intrepreted the Agatha Barbara caracter.

In 2017 she started singing and performing live with the band Lara & the Jukeboys, who released their first recordings in 2022.

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