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Angela Agius

Angela Agius was born in Rabat, Malta on 23 October 1960. She began her career in broadcasting on 24 April 1978 as Announcer / Producer with the radio station Voice of the Ħbiberija u Solidarjetá, which presented a number of musical and literary programs.

Apart from presenting programmes on both radio and television, she was also frequently asked to present several music shows and literary evenings around Malta .

She also had the opportunity to present abroad, namely in Canada and Tunisia, where she was part of the jury of the beauty and singing competitions including the Festival of Maltese Song.

She started broadcasting with national PBS station on Radju Malta and after joined Calypso Radio.

She is currently presenting a morning television show by the name Niskata.

She is married to Joe Azzopardi and they have a daughter Lara, now known as Lara Cuschieri. Lara used to sing but is now popular as an actress, especially for her part as Rose in the drama Iċ-Ċaqqufa.