Karmenu Ellul Galea

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Karmenu Ellul Galea

Karmenu Ellul Galea was a Trade Unionist, Journalist, and Author of socio-industrial books.

Ellul Galea was born on 10 November 1914 in il-Kalkara and spent his childhood in Ħaż-Żabbar. As a dockyard apprentice in his youth, he showed interest in the trade union sphere. It was also at this time that he started writing for the recognition of the Maltese language and workers' rights in "Il Cotra".

In 1943 he was one of the founders of the General Workers Union, who met secretly in the cellar of St. Joseph Band Club in Ħamrun. Earlier that year he addressed workers in mass meeting to recruits members to the General Workers Union. Eventually he created the Benefit Scheme of the GWU, and in 1945 he served as a delegate in the National Assembly.

His work as a journalist flourished at the Union Press, but he also served on the editorial board of Il-Ħajja. In the 1960s he edited the satirical paper Il-Farfett, and he was the industrial correspondent for Il-Berqa and Il-Ħajja in the 1970s.

As co-founder and honorary president of the Malta Band Clubs Association he worked closely with several such societies across the Maltese islands. He was particularly associated with the Għaqda Muzikali San Mikiel of Żabbar, of which he was president for several years.

Aside from his journalistic work, Ellul Galea's writings were published in several literary magazines, and the annual almanac Il-Pronostiku Malti and il-Malti. Some of his poems appear in an anthology he published called Twemmini (Veritas Press, 1971). Other books include It-Trejdunjoniżmu f’Malta (in 4 volumes), L-Istorja tat-Tarzna and Pijunieri tas-Sigurta’ Soċjali.

In 1999 Ellul Galea was appointed member of the National Order of Merit of the Republic of Malta and in the same year he was awarded the Literary Prize for Research.

Karmenu Ellul Galea was married to the late Karmena and they had three daughters, Mary Grace, Lora, and Antoinette, and a son, Alfred

He died on 29 January 2007 at the age of 92.