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Kalċidon Agius was a politician who served as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

He was born in Naxxar on 19 October 1917 Agius became active in national politics in 1951, winning a seat in parliament for the Malta Labour Party in the general elections of that year. In 1955 he held his second parliamentary seat after casual elections following the resignation of Dr. Joseph Flores. He won elected again in 1966 and 1971.

Between January 1978 and February 1982, Agius held served as speaker in the House of Representatives and was twice appointed acting President of the Republic. In 1979 he led a parliamentary delegation on official visits to China and Romania. After he retired from politics he served as Commissioner of Justice for two years.

Agius was also a prolific playwright whose works frequently appeared on radio and television in the heydays of Xandir Malta. Among those best remembered are Provli Lejn in-Nar (1975), Rikatt (1979), Boomerang (1980), Riperkussjonijiet (1981), Delitt fil-Kamra tal-Banju (1982).

In 1996 he was named Companion of the National Order of Merit (KOM).

Kalċidon Agius was married to Salvina Grech and had five children.

He died on 24 May 2006 at the age of 88