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KażinSka is a contemporary sextet playing original arrangements of traditional "Marċi Brijjużi".

The sextet consists of:

The KażinSka Project is the brainchild of Justin Galea, a musician as well as a Cultural and Creative Industries student and researcher. Spending a year studying in London, Justin notices that whilst other countries embrace their roots by merging traditional music and culture with a more contemporary approach, this has seldom happened in Malta. Whilst brimming with festiveness and exultation, banda marches and feasts tend to be hidden in their own niche that somewhat seems to have remained stagnant for years, whilst the contemporary music scene is completely disassociated from it or following another route.

The KażinSka idea stemmed from two previous concerts by local ska group Zalza Kukkanja of which Justin, Zizza (Mark Abela) and Delli (Steve Delia) are also band members. Having been classically trained as pianist as well as playing the flute with a local band club, Justin has developed a passion for Maltese music and is involved in a number of creative projects all year round.

The music of KażinSka, as the name suggests primarily focuses on ska music as well as on the traditional banda marches. The KażinSka band however gives its own interpretation to the banda marches’ melodies incorporating these into ska, reggae, samba, jazz, R&B and other styles to create a joyous atmosphere synonymous to a “Festa Maltija” but with a contemporary sound. KażinSka play mostly instrumental music with sporadic lyrics uttered in association with the particular tune. During the debut concert in Isla’s magnificent Gardjola Gardens supported by the Malta Arts Fund, KażinSka managed to attract a numerous audience that participated and interacted with the band and the music.

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