Joseph Azzopardi (guitarist)

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Joseph Azzopardi

Joseph Azzopardi was born on the 16 February, 1988 in Gozo, and grew up in Nadur with his mother, father and five more siblings. When he was young Joseph used to stretch rubber bands to drawers and listen to the sound they emitted. He bought his first guitar at the age of 16 and used to follow local bands and attend their rehearsals. After only just a couple of months Joseph performed live for the first time. He was invited to fill in for a guitarist in a local rock band called Free Fall. It was really a special night for him and he recounts a sense of immense joy after hitting the stage for the first time. The guitar for him is an extension of himself and reflects his inner emotions.

After this gig Joseph was invited to join a country music band. He spent years performing with the country artist Gozo Boy. During this period, Joseph learned to appreciate the melodic and song writing aspects of country music. Joseph also took guitar lessons from local guitar virtuoso Sean Vukovic. He express an immense gratitude to Sean for helping him mature a lot as a guitar player. In the meantime Joseph formed his own rock band called Upper Lip. He is the main songwriter in the band and also the lead guitar player. Currently, they have just recorded new music at Temple Studios in Malta. They plan to release their first album in 2019.

In 2016, Joseph formed a duet with the talented and soulful singer Daphne Xuereb. They have played together in numerous local events. It is the intention that one day they will record and release music together. Joseph enjoys playing live and has also performed in the renowned musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor.

In 2018, Joseph has released his first instrumental song called ‘Let me in’. Were he managed to reach the semi-final stage in the International Song Writing Competition (ISC). Joseph is currently working on new original material. During his free time Joseph enjoys teaching guitar to numerous students in Gozo.