Joe James Farrugia

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A renowned carnival enthusiast, Joe James Farrugia was also a singer, a lyricist and a TV presenter.

He was born in Paola on 5 May 1944. From an early age he showed a particular attachment to Maltese songs and to the Carnival festivities. He took part in several Carnival competitions and won numerous awards.

He hosted TV and radio shows about Maltese songs and other aspects of Maltese popular culture.

Joe James was also a singer and a lyricist. Some of his songs were extremely popular in Malta. These include Il-Bużnanna, Toninu s-Sajjied, Xi Sħana, Hawn Boċċa, Malta Rebbiegħa and Il-Bużnannu Għadu Jrid.

Throughout the 1990s he frequently performed with popular singer Freddie Portelli, with whom he shares the same birthday.

He died on 2 February 2005 at the age of 60.