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Hermann Bonaci

Hermann Bonaci (born 23 April 1966) is a Maltese actor and television producer.

Early Life and Career

In his childhood and youth, Hermann resided with his family in Gwardamanġa, but spent his childhood in Valletta. There, together with his father and five brothers, he worked as a confectioner in the family business Dolceria Croce Bonaci.

No member from his father's side of the family has any history as an actor, but the Lucases on his mother’s side were all known and involved in the music entertainment.

As an actor, Hermann started off at the Antonjani Youth Centre in Valletta in 1979, with their first play being a religious one directed by Joseph Camilleri and performed inside a church. In 1983 Hermann joined M.A.S.K., thus moving to the stage at the Catholic Institute Emporium, a local popular theatre.

Drama Companies

In 1987, Hermann formed his first drama company, DH Productions, with his childhood friend Daniel Borg Carbott.

Then, he formed his own company Kwinti, and in 1990 Hermann joined his brother Karl to form Bonaci Brothers Drama Company. This company made history on Maltese television with the first local soap opera Ipokriti with 65 episodes. At the time, Ipokriti became the most popular TV programme watched by over 125,000 viewers.

Simpatiċi main actors

Hermann Bonaci Productions

The Ipokriti success amply demonstrated Hermann’s ability in Television Executive Production and the next step was in 1999 when he established his own production house: Hermann Bonaci Productions, with the launching of the most popular Maltese sitcom ever Simpatiċi.

In 2001 he produced Il-Madonna taċ-Ċoqqa; a local classic in 26 episodes, which was awarded the Best Drama on Television during the annual National Broadcasting Awards.

Hermann continued with more and more drama for television. These include: Gideb u Mħabba and Mħabba mill-Ġdid – turbulent love stories, Dun Benit – a hilarious comedy dedicated to the late well know actor Josie Coppini, Min hu bla ħtija? – a social drama based on political rivalry, Għall-Paċi u għall-Mistrieħ – an exhilarating thriller, Tan-Nanna Helu Manna – a traditional comedy, Sal-Quċċata – a thrilling drama based on the race for power in the broadcasting business, Ċellinu - a Christmas drama for children, Għeruq - a wartime family class struggle, Il-Prinċipal - a hilarious Government office comedy, Missjoni - a futuristic afterlife fantasy and Intriċċi - a soap opera.

Hermann's production house also produced other productions such as magazine shows, a series about gardening, another about fishing, quizes and variety shows.


Apart from acting, Hermann is a talented singer and drummer. At the age of 17 he was part of The Pals, the band which regularly played in weddings and parties. Later he started to take part in local song contests as a singer, mostly in L-Għanja tal-Poplu. His most popular song, which placed third in the 2005 song contest, is called Mario dedicated to the late Mario Ellul, composed by Dominic Galea with lyrics by Joe Julian Farrugia.

Hermann also sings most of the theme songs for his own television productions.

Hermann is married to Antoinette, and they have three daughters: Stephanie, Christine and Maria. All members of the family have acted on television.

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