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Graziella Montebello

Graziella Montebello born on 14 Settember, 1985, lives at Ħal-Qormi. She is an Actress, Dancer and Festivals and Events Organizers.

She comes from a drama background and from a tender age of three years Graziella begain to learn dancing ballet, at 5 years old begain to learn gymnastics and acrobatic and at 8 years continued to learn latin dance.

In the meantime true her father Benny Casha Sr. She begain involved in drama in plays with the Bronk Company of Vitorin Galea incidentally aunt of her father, in children parts or extras scenes

Graziella does not stay back because she grow up in dancing scene and continued to study drama with Bronk Company, which always gave her the opportunity both as a teacher of dance and dance with Bronk group, and in Maltese drama serie like Qegħdin Sew,Marvin, Gwadenz, La morna morna and even in local Maltese films Qerq and Phobia.

Graziella Montebello with Tonio Vella and Doreen Cini in tha comedy Iz-Zibba fil-Mazzita (Febuary 2016

Graziella also remenber the opportunity given by Mark Doneo to taken part in his drama Id-Dar tas-Soru, and also Herman Bonaci for the parts in Simpatiċi and In-Neputija tal-Kappillan, In the moment Graziella is a member with the Anici Drama Company Group of Ħal-Qormi, where they held comedy and plays throughout the year so that talent keep remains on going always in the villages and small towns.

Graziella in 2007 was one of the main dancers of the floklorist dancing group Il-Qamħa and spend about five years with them.

For five consecuttiv years Graziella lead and was in charge the dancing parts, with her brother Redeemer Casha carnival company sponsor by Bronk.

From 2014 Garziella and Christan Arding begain discuss about festivals and other things, and days after they got the opportunity to held an Maltese evening, and from there, started this project organizing Festivals under Quave Productions and after the first two festivals they organized they got good respons and they continue and plain to organized more festivals and events during 2016.

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