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Giosue Agius

Giosue Agius was born on April 4, 2001. He lives with his family in Xgħajra, limits of Ħaż-Żabbar. Attends St. Margaret Secondary College School at Verdala, Cospicua.

He started school in 2012 when he took part in talent show when he was Form 1 and sang ‘La Donna Nobile’ and ended winning the talent show. And in Rewarding day of school he took part this time with company, and sang with teachers and other students, were they sang 'The Prayer’ of Celine Dion and Andrea Boccelli. This teacher was named Christine Barbara that taught singing, and Giosue asked her to become his teacher and she accepted.

A year passed and in a party Giosue met with Lisa Marie Tabone they decided to sing together as a duet, Lisa Marie was and still learn at Gillian Attard, and Liza Marie took to Giosue to hear her teachers, and Giosue was liked, and decided to begin to have learned well as a duo Lisa Marie.

Shortly after on 22 March, 2015 had competed for the first time together festivals was named Shine Singers by a son which was called 'The Prayer' and have gone well together, won the festival because they were the first and nearly won the ‘Over all’ if they had got a half point.

There followed several other festival they competed in which Giosue and Lisa Marie as Shine Singers, by DBS Productions, ‘Battle of the Voices’ by Erseb Production.

Giosue Agius

Moreover Giouse Liza Marie in 2015 and ended in Italy to go for an audition program ‘Tra Songio Reialta’ and were passed and August, 2015 went to Venice where there were several participants had undergone duo La Voix name that had provided Gillian Attard, by that stage wanted by a total of six hundred percent, and Giosue and Liza Marie had got to the selected percent, after Rome and went there so also good.

In 2016 things changed and the duo became a trio when Cledia Micallef joined them and began using the name of Forbidden City. Along singing ‘Bring Him Home’ and Shine Singers won on 24 April, 2016 when they took won the festival took ‘Best Voice' and 'Overall ', also took part with Live band Mr Joe Brown, and Festival Battle of the Voices and ‘Bring Him Home’ won ‘Grand Prix’. On 3 July 2016 participated in Shine Singers with ‘Adagio’ and also won as Forbidden took ‘First Best Of Voice ' and 'Over All ' once again, and have been selected to compete in Giorġia.

Along with the Forbidden, Giosue entertainers took part in The Entertainer Singing Challenge 2016, NET TV shown arriving to the final held in April 2017. Giosue had an invitation to go to the Forbidden sing the Vito Marco Italy having won a ‘Grand Prix La Voix Festival’.

As trio also appeared in several evenings, Giosue, besides singing duo or trio also wants to have his own materials, and is working to come to this eye, He loves to read, the computer and swimming.