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George Curmi ‘Il-Puse’

George Curmi knows as ‘Il-Puse’ was born on 10 August, 1966. He comes from the Capital City Valletta. He is Violinist.

George is coming from a long established and renowned family of musicians and culture.

At the age of eleven, he commerced his studies in violin at the Johann Strauss School of Music under Joe Galea.

Curmi was introduced to his musical career by his father Joe Curmi l-Puse’ himself a veteran and versatile percussions and tenor sax performer. He commenced toplay percussion when only got 5 years old, but he switched to violin at the age of 12.

Three years laterhe was awarded a scholarship to study the violin at the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini Florence, Italy.

George Curmi ‘Il-Puse’

On his return to Malta. He joined the Orchestra of the Manoel Theatre. He has played all from of music imaginable with his violin. Folk, jazz, rock, pop, classical. and cabaret.

He participated in concertsof all types, besides being a session musician and band leader in leading night clubs and recording studios.

George Curmi who is also a very prolific composer, represented Malta in the Bratislava Jazz Days (1983); Sud West Fung Television Station, in Baden Germany (1986); World Travel Market at Earls Court in London (1987), and the International Boat Show (1990).

He was invited to give concerts in Aystralia in 1997 and 1999, in Tunisia, Austria, and USA.

In 2006 together with Yuri Charygnine an accordionist, gave performances during the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

In 1999, Curmi launched his first cd with the name of Beatles on my Strings and in 2005 his fourth one Birds in Paradise, on 2006 he made another cd with Yuri Charygnine Extravaganza, and on 2011 issued the cd Thanks for Puttinu.

In 2000 he was appointed musical director of Hilton Malta, and in 2005 he introduced The Curmi Band with his uncle Paul Curmi playing on bongos and his wife singing.

In March 2021 he was one of the finalist with Janice Mangion with the song Teżor lyrices by Emil Calleja Bayliss and composed by Cyprian Cassar and Mark Scicluna in the returning festival Mużika Mużika - Festival Kanzunetta Maltija

George is married to Hilda Schembri and got three children Bernard Curmi, Joseph Curmi and Miriana Curmi