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Keyboardist Franky Camilleri playing with Fluid at MaltaSajf 1983.

Fluid was a progressive rock band active in the early to mid-1980s in Malta.

The group came together in Tigne and played an active part in the Rokarja AST scene while it lasted.

The original lineup of the band consisted of Twanny Mifsud ic-Chimbillai (guitar and vocals), Saviour Bartolo (bass), Franky Camilleri (keyboards), Dominic tal-Focal ?? (drums).

They broke up in 1984 but came together again in a new formation in 1986 for a brief period, including an appearance at the MaltaSajf concert organized by the YMCA.

During the band's hiatus Mifsud and Camilleri worked with Tony Grimaud to produce the 1984 Rock Mass. Mifsud was one of the founding members of the band Artwork, which was formed that following year, appearing with them in a number of gigs before that band moved away from Tigne. Throughout the time he spent with Artwork, he was known as Tony Chamberlaine.

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