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Filfla Records is a Malta-based record label. It was founded in 2010 by Andrew Alamango with the aim and purpose of releasing a series of audio-interactive products of heritage music from Malta, and making them publicly accessible for preservation and posterity.

Malta's Lost Voices: The Early Shellac Recordings (1931-32) Vol 1 is to be released on 26 November 2010. The first in a series of planned publications, contains a 50-page book with the story of the musicians and agents who made history recording Maltese music it and a double CD-Extra containing a selection of 30 tracks transferred from the original shellac records, photographs, adverts for the newspapers of the day, and much more. This publication was produced under the National Archives' National Memory Project and is endorsed, supported and sponsored by the National Archives and the Ministry of Education, Employment and the Family.

Andrew Alamango spoke about the initial work of Filfla Records during the M3P Inaugural Symposium on Saturday 25 September 2010. He is also scheduled to present the theme of Malta's Lost Voices at the National Archives Annual Public Lecture on 30 November 2010 at the National Archives Head Office in Rabat.

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