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Eric Montfort

Eric Montfort from il-Ħamrun born on April 5 1960. Radio presenter and music contributor.

He was always attracted to the media and broadcasting and joined with Voice of Friendship and his first programme Plectrum a rock music programme was first aired on Thusday April 10 1980.

He also is one of the very few broadcasters who has been on air week after week for almost 35 years -from August 1st 1980 and the resumption of the Voice of Friendship on air till the present day-only John Muscat and in the past the late Victor Galdes, Effie Ciantar and Dun Mikiel Azzopardi and Charles Clews have held longer records.

Eric joined Radju Malta in 1982 and eventually also joined the Voice of Friendship in May 1989, hosting pop and rock programmes until 1995. Eric Montfort left Radju Malta on March 31 1992 and joined Radio 101.

With Noel Mallia, he also broadcast live The Freddy Mercury Tribute, the first rock marathon to be ever broadcast on air on a local station April 20 1992. His career changed considerably with this station, having hosted documentary, religious, scientific, and also diverted to country music programmes as well as hosting his own rock programmes. He has also won three Broadcasting Authority Awards for Il-Mixja Għall-Indipendenza, Ġorg Borg Olivier Missier Malta Indipendenti and also for Elvis Presley – Minn Diversi Aspetti, which he hosted for Campus FM.

Eric has also worked for Campus FM during 2002-2003. Eric Montfort has also been a weekly contributor for The Times and Sunday Times of Malta between 1991 and 2007 and as a general contributor between 1981 and 2007, which also makes him one of the longest serving regular contributors for this newspaper.

He has also contributed regularly for the now-defunct and The Malta Independent as well as as having contributed for The Guardian and The Independent as well as having interviewed various popular talents including Percy Sledge, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and Al Stewart among others.

He also undertook courses and also liaised with the BBC and The Guardian during the Fathi Shqaqi incident 1995 and the Libyan Crisis 2011. He currently hosts Country Music Club and Fuzzbox on Radio 101.

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