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Elaine Deguara

Elaine Deguara was born in Birkirkara on 22 August, 1992. She was an Actress and Tv and Stage Persenter.

In her early years she and taken part and won several songs festivals. But she stopped in 2008 and took another way in her career such as presnter on Favourite Channel when she was presenting a daily magazine show, in the summer schedule because in winter she was studying full time Media.

Elaine Deguara

She began presenting at the age of 16 years. She never before had experienced in live program, except when she was a guest and as a singer residing in the program il-Klikka where she presented with Nancy Buhagiar on Net TV. After she got another program name of Malja, and from there, Elaine never looked back, and was also co-host with Karl Bonaci and Romina Bonaci in Sibt Kuntatt (Saturday Contact) with beautiful footage she brought during the program.

She continued her career presenting on Net Television when she started, Pizzikanna. Anyone who knows how Elaine knows to cares children in this program, in this programm she felt herself and became a girl in the grandmother of a holding Conchetta together with Sunflower, Fibi and other animals. With the Studio filled with children she filed schedule of Thirteen programs. In few months later, in 2016, Elaine was the presenter of the programm named Kelma Magħsura a discussion program view on Net Television.

In this program she met with various people from different sectors of life such as education, poor families, children and adults with rare diseases, etc. couples who want to adopt. As all meetings program that viewers will enjoy talk about social life.

Shortly after Elaine was approached by Eileen Montesin to be part of the carator Super Martina in the series It's Morris. She took it, as a challenge even though it had failed to point to the last acting, a long time ago with Charles Stroud in the teleserial Salib it-Toroq (Crossroads) in 2006.

But Super Martina character where please and currently continues in the series It's Morris.

When she begain presenting, she stop singing, to get more focus more on one line. Today in 2017, Elaine done acting and presenting only. She presented several maltese nights, traditional evenings, also presented, activities related with fundraising, such as Oħloq Tbissima, Puttinu, ALS Malta and Gozo For ALS, and well serveral chirldren singing contests direct shown on television.

The excitement is great not only for singers but also for me being presenting.