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Dwayne Mifsud

His parents named him Dwayne (Dwayne Mifsud). He used Dwayne as a stage named too. Born on the 20th of September 1991. And and currently lives in Tarxien.

Music is his life. He listens to almost every type of music but his style and his favorite is Rap and Hip Hop. It all started when he was around 10 years old. He heard Eminem rapping and he really liked the song.

He kept hearing his songs and by time he started to download his songs in instrumental, learning the lyrics by heart and rapping them. In 2002 when he was 11 years old a Maltese rapper known as Hooligan also know as Hooli, released his first album 'Oriġinali Bħali' and the songs were all rap in Maltese and he fell more in love with rap because that day rap in Malta wasn't popular especially in Maltese.

From that day Dwayne started writing his own songs and experimenting with lyrics. He really liked to write poems and match words from a very young age. Dwayne grew up listening to Hooligan and Eminem. He had a serious bullying problem and had really low self esteem and so he never took singing lessons because he didn't believe in himself.

Dwayne Mifsud during his first recording of his first song 'Ma'

When he was around 15 years old the school that he attended to organised a talent show and he decided to take part in it and rapped one of Hooligan's songs. That was his first ever performance on stage and infront of people. From that day onwards Dwayne was always singing at karaokes infront of people to gain confidence and get his self esteem back and took part in the school talent show in 3 consecutive years.

He also had the opportunity to sing on TV. But he always sang cover versions and never sang one of his songs because he thought that people will not like them. When Dwayne turned 18 in 2010, his mother passed away and he fell in a depression.

He stopped writing songs and stopped singing. 9 years later he felt that it's time to start again and he felt that this was the right time to share his talent with the world and so he wrote his first recorded song "Ma", posted it on facebook and within a few days it got over 177,000 views, 3000 shares and endless comments.

In his song he describes the pain that he went through when his mother passed away. Writing songs helps him to open up his heart with himself. Dwayne had lots of comments to write and rap his song in English and so he did. But he feels more comfortable writing and rapping in his mother tongue.

He also had lots of people encouraging him to apply for The X Factor Malta Season 2 and so he did. A producer, Dominic Cini, heard the song, confronted him and recorded it. They are now currently working together on Dwayne's second song called "Illum Jien u Għada Int" feat. Dominic Cini where Dwayne tells his story about his past when he got bullied. The song will be released Tuesday 12th March 2019. Dwayne and Dominic are also working on his first album, which will be released around Christmas time this year.



Year Songs Lyrics Composer Video
2019 Ma Dwayne Mifsud Dwayne Mifsud / Dominic Cini (Click for Video)
2019 Illum Jien u Għada Int Dwayne Mifsud Dominic Cini (Click for Video)