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Duncan Brincat was born in Saint Luke’s Hospital, Pietà Malta, on 11 February 1981, subsequently baptised in his hometown parish of Saint Joseph in Il-Kalkara. He attended Tarxien Primary School during his childhood years, afterwards continuing his studies at the Saint Joseph Junior Lyceum in Paola. After attending the Ġan Frangisk Abela Junior College, at Msida. Duncan graduated as an Economist from the University of Malta in 2003.

During his University term, he held various short-term roles with public sector companies. He joined Mainticare Limited in 2003 as an Administration Manager. Duncan was one of the founding directors of Ablecare Oilfield Services Group in 2009. He served as Administration and Procurement Director of the group, responsible for managing the Administration, Procurement, Corporate Strategy and Marketing functions. In addition, he participated in the Group’s long-term business planning. Since joining the group, he has accumulated a wealth of experience through his involvement in a large number of projects, especially in the fields of procurement, quality control and job costing. Furthermore, Duncan has been crucial in the introduction of a quality management system, policies and procedures adapted to the needs of job performance and client needs. He was also involved with the implementation and compliance of the ISO 9001:2008 standards. After the group’s leadership restructuring in 2021, he was appointed as Head of Administration and Procurement.

At the young age of sixteen years, Duncan was named rector of the Confraternity of Saint Joseph of Kalkara, and two years later elected as General Secretary of the National Confraternities Association of Malta. In October 2000 he was voted in as Assistant Secretary of Circolo San Giuseppe Filarmonika Sagra Familja of Kalkara, and nine months afterwards he was officially elected as Secretary General of the same band club, a post which he held until July 2016. December 2005 saw the anointment of Duncan as a knight in the Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre, and in subsequent years, together with other knights, he started off again the Grand Priory of Malta council meetings and eventually chosen by H.E. Prince Grand Master as the National Chancellor of the same priory. Duncan Brincat currently serves also as the Assistant Treasurer of the Malta Band Clubs Association, a post he was elected into in the year 2012, and as Assistant Secretary of the Kalkara Regatta Club commencing from October 2020. Between 2017 and 2019 he was elected as Assistant Secretary of the Kalkara United F.C, while in 2021 the same club nominated him as Honorary President. Moreover, in 2017 he founded the Assoċjazzjoni Wirt il-Kalkara and elected Secretary of the same association, a post he still holds. Duncan is a historical researcher mainly about the village of Kalkara and its heritage. He wrote several historical articles, published a number of booklets and edited a handful of books.