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Doris Curmi

Doris Curmi was born in Paola on the 21st September, 1950. She is a singer married to Vince Cauchi and had four children and lives in Buġibba. Doris start singing at a younger age because her uncle the late Paul Curmi had a dancing school Paul Curmi Dancers for young children and she use to sing and dance Doris at 8 years old she sang at the Roadhouse , singing and dancing was her hobby. Doris never had any singing lessons all she had to do learning new song from tv like San Remo Festival on the Rai TV recording them and in a couple of days she use to sing them at wedding receptions.

At the age of 13 She took part at the Young Christian Workers song contest Żgħażagħ Ħaddiema Insara and she won the 3rd place since then she never looked back. In 1965 she came 1st at the Aurora Song Festival another 1st place at the Them Mockers Song Contest which was held at the Deporres Hall at Sliema. Doris sang in several places, such the August Moon Ball with The Kirkop Brothers, Other festival was Spartans Festival in 1965 held at Radio City and win the Third Place.

Roger Moore Prestened the Trophy to Doris Curmi winner of the Malta Song Festival 1967

In 1966 she took part in another famouse song festival Canzone Italiana a Malta in which many famouse italian singers took part and Doris came third this festival was won by Albano Carrisi this Festival was held at the Alhambra Theatre, after that an italian composer choose her to sing his song at a festival in zafferana Sicily and she came 3rd place then she was always singing on weekends weddings shows on tv like Music Shop presented by Victor Aquilina she also sang at the August Moon Ball at the Verdala Palace with the band of Kirkop brothers she sang at the Oscar Lucas on tv, she had many shows on the Rediffusion like 15 minutes with Doris Curmi for 3 months every Friday and Sincerely Yours she was the star of this show which was broadcasted from the Deporres hall Sliema life.

But the best of all was when she won 2nd place at the Malta Song Festival 1967 with the song Bit Tlikki Tlikki lyriks by Marie Therese Vassallo and music by her father Frank Vassallo Doris sang that song in italian and this festival, Before Malta took part at the Eurovision IT was the most festival that was followed and the James Bond Roger Moore was presenting the trophies.

Doris Curmi

Doris had so many gigs at that time because a lot of bands asked for her to sing at dinner dances like the Airforce and Army christmas dinners at the Manoel Island Hall, she sang even at the Cafe Premier in Valletta 3 times a week for the whole summer nights. But then when she got married she couldnt continue with all that every single night when she started having a family, at that time the mentality was different to see a women out at the clubs at night and her husband could nt go with her so Carmen her sister took over and after some years she made her comebank when she sang with Carmen at the Malta Folk Song Festival in 1976 I'd daqq tal-Ġonġol a song by George Stevens then she started again her hearth was still there she sang on tv at the programm Blanzuni later she sang for a year in the programm Xarabank with the choir with Vince Fabri, while she continue taking part in these programms she also sang in other countries while on holiday she sang in Australia, Turkey, Paris, Vegas, Spain and she also took part in the Sound Of Music a musical show in Sliema.

Doris has a son name David Cauchi he play the piano and sing too with his band named Dbanded