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Dr.Deborah Schembri

Dr.Deborah Schembri was born on 3 February , 1976 at San Pawl il-Baħar. She is a Maltese lawyer in general practice. She has obtained a B.A. in Legal & Humanistic Studies (1998), a Diploma in Notarial Studies (1999) and a Doctorate of Laws Degree (2001) from the University of Malta after defending her thesis on 'Surrogate Motherhood'.She was admitted to the bar in the beginning of 2002 and went into private practice.

That same year she also obtained a Diploma in Canonical Marriage Cases and Jurisprudence (2002) and has consequently practiced in the Maltese Ecclesiastical Tribunals until recently, when she was struck off the album of advocates who can render services to clients in canonical cases due to her views on divorce.

In 2007 Dr Schembri successfully finished an Entrepreneurship & Management Training Course under the auspices of the EU and Malta Enterprise and worked as a Managing Director of a real estate company as well as legal consultant to the company's esteemed clientele.

For a number of years Dr Schembri has given her services to the Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta as an examiner of doctoral theses. She is currently lecturing Family Law and sits on the Board of Examiners of Family Law at the same university. Dr Schembri is also currently involved in research work with the newly founded Centre for Family Studies at the University of Malta.

Dr Schembri is presently reading for a Masters Degree in Bioethics at the University of Malta in part fulfillment of which she will be defending her thesis on Neuroethics and Criminal Law.

Dr Schembri became a household name during the national campaign of the divorce referendum (2010 - 2011) during which she successfully chaired the pro-divorce movement Iva għaż-Żwieġ, Iva għad-Divorżju. Divorce legislation is now in the process of being introduced in Malta after a landslide victory of over 14,500 votes.

On Friday 3rd June, 2011 Dr Schembri announced her candidature for the upcoming general elections which she will be contesting with the Malta Labour Party.

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