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Criminal Kiss is a Maltese rock band that formed in April 2009.

They are:

Firstly, in 2006-2007 the group consisted of Desmond, David and Ian who formed a band Desvidian but things did not work out so they broke up. David and Desmond continued to play together and Ian found another band. This led to two separate bands called Monsters Ate My Grandma consisting of Desmond, David and Andrew (who used to play the drums) in 2008 and the other band Sikrana having Michael and Ian in 2007-2008…

In November 2008 Saint Aloysius’ Sub Sonic was put up and the two separate bands played in the same event. They both got to know one another and ended up playing some time together individually which resulted in friendship. During the Saint Aloysius School Concert were the Music Director needed a Band to play for the musical and knowing that the group all wanted to play it was decided to play as a band for the concert. Thus the new band was formed in April 2009

They have played a number of gigs, including SAC Fest 2009 and 2010, Guitar Fest, National Youth Week, Fund Raising in aid of Dar tal-Providenza and Haiti, Launch of Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, SOS Battle of the Bands ( in which they placed 1st) and many other minor events such as Mtarfa Talent show, Elements of Rock and Subsonic and placed 2nd in the Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands.

They came together as one band at the St Aloysius School Concert were our the school's music director needed a band to play for the musical.

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