Clinton Bonnici tal-Lupajp

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Clinton Bonnici tal-Lupajp
Clinton Bonnici tal-Lupajp
is an improvised verse folksinger from Żejtun. Born on the 2nd December, 1981, he began folk singing spirtu pront at the age of 25, his first event being at Mario Portelli Ta' Perċitu's bar in Albertown. Bonnici is the nephew of Spiru Bonnici l-Lupajp and the great-grandson of Anġla Mifsud Iċ-Ċalija.

Thus, folk singing was in his blood and it was an easier decision to take of continuing the tradition. He holds affection to veteran folk singer Fredu Abela Iż-Żejtuni, admiring his ability to respond well to his opponent's jibes in improvised verse, and Pawlu Seychell l-Għannej, also from Żejtun.

He states his favourite ballad being the one sung by Mikiel Cutajar Is-Superstar about the tragedy of the fishing vessel Simshar, due to his emotional rendition, even though he also cherishes Il-Avukat tal-Karozzin by Mikiel Abela l-Bambinu.

The Simshar, registered in Marsaxlokk, sank on 11 July 2008, sixty miles south of Malta, with the loss of five fisherman, including one eleven year-old boy, Theo Bugeja and a Somali refugee, Abdulrahman Abdala Gedi. This tragedy is also the subject of a film, produced by Rebecca Cremona, currently in the phase of post-production.

Bonnici has increased his participation in folk singings events in the last few years and is currently very active. He also organized an għana event at the Brooklyn Bar in Żejtun in August 2013.

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