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Clayton Pace

Clayton Pace was born at St Luke’s Hotspital at Pietà on 24 February 1990. He grew up and lived in il-Marsa. He is an Actor.

From a very tender age Clayton Pace had always been involved in theatre throughout his school years. After some time out of the scene, he resumed his acting career back in 2012 by taking a drama course. He also attended a course in Animation in fact he used to work as an animator for a short period of time.

His debut on television was on Primafacie where he interpreted the role of Darren, a youngster caught in a twist and eventually blamed for a murder.

Apart from other roles in various productions, he is mostly known as Richard, a lawyer in one of the leading dramas: Katrina.

Clayton Pace

Clayton have always had the dream of writing a drama and very proudly he managed to not only write, but also direct a comedy with all the funds being donated to - Istrina. Besides writing and directing this comedy, he was also part of the 13 actors who took part in this play called L-Imqarqaċ.

Jesus Christ Superstar is his all time favorite work he has ever done in theatre, where he had the main part for two consecutive years, that of Jesus Christ.

Clayton Pace is also known for his presenting skills. He had the opportunity to present The Malta Records 2015, Modeling Shows, Local feasts and so on and so forth.

In 2014 Clayton Pace started his own Drama school : Mixta Drama. He teaches students from 5 years to 17 years, and some of his students are already being involved in various Dramas,such as Martina Mai Seychell, Ileana Cutajar, Michaela Fava - just to mention a few and he feels that this is the most rewarding gift ever received.

During the past 4 years he experienced more then 100 drama related activities, such as Manwela, Rajt Ma Rajtx, Klassi Għalina, Mrar, Għal Kulhadd, a promo for the national commission for the promotion of equality, Presenting on Radio amongst other great opportunities he encountered.

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