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Charles Falzon

Charles Falzon Dancer, Actor and Painter, born St Luke’s Hotspital at Tal-Pietà on 30 October 1951 and grew up at Il-Marsa.

It was in 1966 when I won I national art competition for students in secondary schools and the theme was Christmas Maltese and the prize was a VIP London vacation. I learned the art under Maltese painter George Fenech and thank him for everything that I learned in art.

Now I am experance the art as much in time that I have now as ritraied man from work. Desire which I dream it to have the time for painting.

1973 was when you entered as a member of Teens and Twenties Talent Trust, a known as the 4T's more, after had him to see a friend there and I say the truth I liked. Who is I always like dancing and joined a group of dancers 'movement' was more free and esspressiv dancing, and dancing by entering koreographer contains many surface expression and body movement with. That kind of story many dance comany enter it, and it would dance every subject. It was also time that startes exprerance the drama. In 1973 I went to England and was going on to the palace theater when I saw a large poster, Jesus Christ Superstar and by curiosity I went entered in and I must say that I was crazy and amazing with this experence.

When I come back to Malta back gate head my colleagues have done this year after the rock opera ended with make this rock opera by 4T's entire cast. I had the part of Jesus. In those timew I think we were the first group who were dancing in hotels. The following year in 1975 we performed the musical Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor dremacoat where I was part of the narrator. In 1976 went with the 4T's in summer at aberfoyle YMCA camp of Scotland, where there were youths from 12 European countries were controlled great show where I have done share with a group of dancers.

In 1977 we performed the rock opera Evita and I get the part of Che. They were very beautiful experience. As a group we took part in movement we take part in Francis Ebejer Vumbarala Zungare , which was performed at San Anton gardens. In her opening - 1977 was to drama school at the Manoel Theater Anix know as MTADA and gate apply and accepted. I was very lucky that I had an English teacher from west end. courses lasted two years, where I learned a lot and I say that very.

It was in 1978 that it was her national television organize a disco dancing championship after the success of Saturday night fever film and who represents a winning go disco dancing world championship in Malta went to London. And I must say that I won this championship and was a beautiful experience in disco dancing world championship. It was in early 1979 when I was invited on to dancing tv program to dancing and was invited to the singer Renato and told me, that her wife was a dancer too, and I meet here too, and I must say that there was the began of the Alison White dancer. We were Alison White, Charles Falzon, Charles Duca and Miriam Caruana. Those were the original member of the Alison White dancers. But I wanted to have something of mind and I formed in that same year another group called The Rhapsody Blue Dancers and the first members were, Charles Falzon, Ronnie Colvin, Julio Tonna, Miriam Caruana, Joan Caruana and Therese Mifsud. Later changed some members and most have held together had Charles Falzon, Wallace Callus, Miriam Caruana, Mary Ann Caruana and Therese Mifsud. And spend 10 years together, where we dance in many hotels and night clubs.

Cast Jesus Christ Super Star

In 1989 I gave up the 38, and I feel to started that I was a dancer for me to grow and I have to say that dancers are finished with Rhapsody blue dancers. I say the truth so we got busy that I started to retire for some time and I must say that this time her 10-year marriage and I say that in ten years you are forget from everyone. But the stage remains you and every time I went to see something, I always thinking that my placed is not here sitting in the audience, but on the other side, on the stage.

I remember I went to see Godspell (my very favorite musical) in Manoel Theater retrieved by Actreact and that was to have done the decision to start again. Talked to Ray Mangion, he was my friend and I started taking part in muscial was retrieved by Ray.

And I must say that the way have re started slow I take the confidence on stage and was Eileen Montesin whick gave me a part in her teleserial Undercover and from there I never looked back. I participated in many productions on tv like Pupi, It-Tfal Jigu bil-vapuri, La farfalla, Emilia and many others.

My last drama was in Zafira. Have done many producations share on stage, including great pageants for the holy week. The last experience I had is full of nice party to go russian film still being take now here Malta.

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