Charles Azzopardi s-Sikutin

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Charles Azzopardi s-Sikutin

Charles Azzopardi s-Sikutin.

was a well-known folk music promoter. He was born on the 15th of August, 1944 and hails from Marsa. He emigrated from Malta in 1958 at the tender age of fourteen and spent forty years living in Sydney.

By time he started organizing folk music events in the Maltese suburbs, either at private residences, such as Iż-Żiġi and Il-Bażiż in Merrylands or in commercial halls. When Azzopardi was thirty, he ventured into hiring the Blacktown Civic Centre and the Blacktown Railway Station Hall, near Horsley Park, when Melbourne-based folksingers, amongst them Salvu Galea tal-Kalora, Żaren Attard Il-Bukkaċ and Karmnu Briffa l-Gamamu, who went up to Sydney for the event, bringing with them hordes of Maltese migrants.

He was instrumental in having a number of folksingers from Malta perform in Australia. These included Fredu Abela ż-Żejtuni, Żeppi Meli ta' Sika, Mario Xuereb ta' Ġerald and Silvan Abela ta' Fredu ż-Żejtuni.

In Australia he was one of the main recorders of the events, and documented most of the Maltese-born folksingers, but unfortunately left the footage there once he returned to Malta in 1991.

He stills reminisces about Leli Sultana l-Moni's farmhouse close to Marsa's Holy Trinity church, well before the arterial December 13 road was opened, and occasionally gazes at the remaining part left standing.

Azzopardi still regularly attends għana sessions in Malta.

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