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Chanelle Galea

Chanelle Galea born on 17 June, 2001. She comes from Rabat Malta. She is a Singer.

Chanelle begain singing way back at 2010, She started her singing journey as a hobby but eventually evolved into something more. She begain taken singing lession under the direction of Maddee. From the age of 10, she started going to singing lessons and practicing every week, after a few years she started taking part in singing competitions both international and local.

Chanelle Galea

In 2012 she countiue learn under the direction of Geordie Debono and on 2014 she countiue learn under the guide of Joshua de Cadenéx till now, beside that from 2016 she also taken lession under Danica Muscat.

She taken part in several festivals in Malta an in most of the she placed too, on of these festival was Eurostars Festival and from it, she was invited to sing in places such as Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Italy.

Chanelle has been going to England for the last past 3 years for a 10 day course called Ultimate Artists, Days packed with song production, song writing, vocal technique and musical theatre at the University of Hertfordshire. Every year they are set up in small groups to write a song and perform it on the final showcase.

On 2017 Chanelle had to spare more time for her studies and did not participate in any festivals so on summer 2017 she had more free time and decided to take part in this years Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2017 (Talent Ġdid). She was shortlisted with the song ‘Ċans tad-Deheb’, lyrics by Emil Calleja Bayliss and music by Philip Vella.

After a televoting competion, she made it to the final night with other 25 singers who will sing on the Final night 19 September, 2017. and she place in second place of this edition.

Now she is looking for more opportunities while developing her studies.