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Cain Portelli

Cain Portelli was born on the 15 November 2001. He lives in Pembroke. He is a Maltese Rapper and Singer.

At the moment he is studying for the A-Levels at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary.

Cain Portelli

He is studying under the direction of Joshua Alamu from MadAboutTheVoice UK.

His first festival competition was hosted by Erseb Productions and he was awarded the ‘People’s Favourite’ vote.

After he continued to take part in festivals held by Erseb Productions and Ally-Ell Entertainment.

He also took part in Una Stella Sta Nascendo as a duet with Nicole Hammet, where they had won first prize in their category and finished third in the overall and where also awarded the ‘Primo Revaluzione’. He also took part in Britian’s Got Talent. Sajf ma' Gaffiero was also another competition that he took part in and placed first in his category with his first rap song called Back in Time.

Apart from singing Cain has been playing the guitar since 2014 and when he was 5 years of age he also took part in a children’s program called Esperti that was aired on One TV and other T.V shows.

His dream is to sign with a Record Label and be able to produce and write his own music.

When he will grow up he would like to become a game designer since he likes to be creative and also draw. Music, helps him a lot for relaxing and relief his stress or problems. When he sings or raps or even when he is producing music he feels that he is expressing his feelings and likes to take the people who are listening on a journey.

This is the first time that Cain will be taking part in L-Għanja tal-Poplu 2018 Festival tal-Kanzunetta Maltija, with the song Min Aħna? Lyrics by Emil Calleja Bayliss and composed by Philip Vella.