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Brandon Spagnol

Brandon Spagnol born at Żejtun on 20 February, 1993. He is a dancer since 2004.

Brandon Spagnol

Every journey must begin from somewhere and for Brandon it all begins from a lifeless modern style group called Anime crea. Located at the ends of Żejtun. From that point he progressed as a dancer with a impersonator of tribu to Michael Jackson for several years.

Leading on further to the future and to his career he was keener into a different style of dances. Under the tutelage of Cristian Caruana, he learned the style of Latin American and modern. Where up till this very day he still serves as dancer at Shank Dancers company under tutelage of Cristian Caruana.

Know this present day he serves as a stage choreographer white the infinites Ina Robinich and her school of performance art Vocal Lane. With brings a new age of singers and actors.

Several years later he when he thought the art of performing on stage by Alexandra Vella. He took part in several productions, Ix-Xudd li Qatt ma Deher ( non-speaking part) , good Friday production produced by Għaqda Banda Żejtun (solider, xmunn iċ-ċrinew, appostlu etc…)

  • 2007 - He took part on stage with Dominque Azzopardi and Kurt Galea on stage as a dancer in a festival called Ilħna Maltin.
  • 2008 - He took part in a dance’s competition on Tv called ID as a Latin dancer.
  • 2008- He was a resident dancer one TV program called Il-Bajja on One TV as a Latin Dancer.
  • 2012- He took part in comedy production as a modern style dancer called Bla Kondixine
  • 2014- guest dancer at Japula club with Dj Alex Grech
  • 2016- chorographer for the panto called Snow white u Seda Smurfs
  • 2016- He took part on sage as a dancer with Dominque Azzopardi with the song called cheap thrills.
  • 2018- He took part in a music video as a dancer in Malcom Pisani songs called Valletta.
  • 2018- He took part on stage with Malcom Pisani on stage as a dancer in the guy parade.
  • 2018- He danced on TV several times the song Inħobbok kif int with Dominic Cini & Ina Robinich with was a whole new revenue for him.
  • 2018- He did the choreograph of the model Maria Cassar.
  • 2015-2019 He part in a group competition in carnival for 3 years in arrow they won the best dances.