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Athelstone is a progressive rock band from Mosta, Malta.

Introducing themselves on their Facebook page in 2011, they claimed to offer "a blend of old school progressive rock, modern prog metal, fusion and jazz, shoegaze and post-rock, and a dosage of disregard for limitations, with a sprinkling of self-directed humour."

The band was formed when guitarist Daniel Cassar and drummer/percussionist Matthew Vella wrote an almost-hour long album over the span of six months in 2011. They immediately recruited Ryan Vella Bonello bass, and during the summer of 2011 a DIY recording, which took place in a basement, a living room, and even a couple of bedrooms, was underway. The album is called The Quiet Before The Storm.

On Saturday 21 January 2011, the track Jaaz from their debut album was featured on the 284th edition of Toni Sant's Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast.

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