Anġlu Theuma tal-Kina

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Anġlu Theuma tal-Kina

Anġlu Theuma tal-Kina.

was born in Żejtun in 1988. He is a newcomer in folksinging circles, having been encouraged by folksinger Mikiel Cumbo l-Iżgej, whom he regularly accompanies in high-pitched singing. He grew up in a folksinging family, his mother being Spiru Bonnici l-Lupajp's cousin, whilst he is also related to Mikiel Bonnici l-Grems.

Theuma's baptism of fire in għana performance was at Ta' Ġanna in Żejtun in March 2011, when in an bout of improvised verse, he paired with Fredu Desira l-Indjan, whereas the other folksingers were Etienne Pawney In-Naxxari, Clinton Bonnici Tal-Lupajp, James Pawney l-Bormliż and Żeppi Muscat In-Nizza.

In 2012 Theuma took part in a high-pitched song with Ċensu Abela tal-Pitrolju during the Għanafest event held at the Argotti Gardens. He has also partecipated in events in Marsaxlokk, Għaxaq and during the Żejt iż-Żejtun festival, held in his hometown in September 2012.

In 2013 Theuma made considerable improvement in his lyrical content and is consolidating himself in the folk singing fraternity.

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Anġlu Theuma tal-Kina performing in Marsaxlokk, August 2012.

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