Ċensu Abela tal-Pitrolju

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Ċensu Abela tal-Pitrolju

Ċensu Abela tal-Pitrolju performing in Valletta.

is a traditional folk singer, born in Valletta in 1952. He specialises in the high-pitched model, known as Għana la Bormliża. In folk circles he is referred to as Ċensu Tal-Pitrolju, since his father was a kerosene vendor.

Abela has partecipated in several folk festivals, including Valletta History & Elegance Festival in 2001 and has made regular appearances at the Għanafest, held annually in Argotti Gardens in Floriana.

He is one of the few active folksingers from the Maltese capital. He also took part in the 2012 edition of Għanafest, together with relative newcomer Anġlu Theuma tal-Kina in high-pitched singing.