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Aidan Cauchi

Aidan Cauchi was born on 19 June, 1989. He is an Actor and Model.

He’s story is abit long as from when he was young his dream was to become an actor !!! Infact at a very young age he use to grab all his cousins grab his father's video camera, and film a small movie that he was inventing as a child.

But he started his career as a model and always was seeing modelling articles on local magazines, but he never applied, One day he was at his hairdresser waiting to get his hair done and she thought, that he have potential, and she started him as a model, everything starts from that, he start winning every title one by one in 2009 he became Mr. Malta He even represented Malta in Spain when he won Mr Malta International 2007.

He start doing modelling jobs like adverts and photoshoots, and for 4 years he was being nominated for the Best Male Model of the year at the Malta fashion awards. But his dream that, he always was dreaming wasn't that, he wanted to become an actor.

Aidan Cauchi

One day he decided to wright one of the local producers, and he asked her if they have any auditions during that time, and he was lucky that there was an audition on the next week, and he remember that was so exited that day, that a took a friend with him, the actor Jean Paul Carbonaro, he did the audition and went home. After a while they called him and they gave him the main leading role as a vampire, in the local series was about vampires with the name of Eklissi (Eclipse).

After that local series it started everything, he did his job well that other movie companies start calling him, after that he did another main roles like Luca in Ma Tinbidel Qatt he did a main role in the docu drama Kurrenti and Rajt ma rajtx with Steven Dalli.

In the mean time he is working on another local series for the next year, and Aidan is also working on a short film, he still on his carrier but for now that is his story, hope it will get much longer, in front of him there is a long journey.

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