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Abigail Brown

Abigail Brown was born in Cospicua on 10 August, 1982. She a musician and work as Singing Coach.

Abigail Brown is the daughter of the famous gentlemen Mro. Joe Brown and sister of Amy Brown Turner.She started playing the piano at the age of 4 and at 13 years she started playing the keyboards with her father Mro. Joe Brown and his band, Abigail Brown - B.A. (Hons)Music Studies

Her works played in include A Tribute to Hollywood Musicals (1996); The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber (1997); Millennium Concert (1999); The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber 3 (2001) as well as a large number of concerts in which she accompanied various Maltese singers. In 2003 she joined Curtain Raiser Theatre Troupe in Dramadirekt, a 12 day workshop based on the interaction of Drama and Music together held in Vienna. 2003 saw the assembly of Curtain Raiser Band with their first concert Musicall under the direction of Patrick Vella.

From then on Abigail was Music Director for Cabaretic (2004); Voice the Soul (2004); Disney Tunes (2004); Drakula the Musical (2005); Queen at 2026 Once Upon a Lifetime (2005); Queen Tribute (Independence Festivities 2005); Grease in Xmas Concert (2005) Musicals in Cabaret (Independence Festivities 2006) Disney in Concert (Indifest 2007), Wara l-Ħajt tas-Sejjieħ and In Search of the Missing Reindeer.

Formed part of the band for Laurie and Hardy fil-Kastell ta Harry Potter (Maltese Panto 2005); Aladdin u t-tifla tal-Granmastru (Maltese Panto 2006); Popeye u l-pastizzi tal-ispinaċi (Maltese Panto 2007); Just Musicals 1 (2008); It-Tliet Muskettieri f'Tart City (Maltese Panto 2008); Just Musicals 2 (2009); Notte Bianca (2009); Jesus Christ Superstar (2010); Snow White u s-seba' qlub tad-deheb (Maltese Panto 2009); Just Musicals 3 (2010); Ziggie Lulu Pass Pass ma l-Istorja (Maltese Panto 2010); Tarzan mal-erbat irjieħ (Maltese Panto 2011); Just Musicals 4 (2011); Vocal Coach for Cinderella The Pantomime (2010); Highlights from The Sound of Music (2010); Jesus Christ Superstar (2010); Pop Goes Gregorian (2011); Highlights from Moulin Rouge (2011); Alice The Musical (2012). As from 2010 she forms part of the musical theatre group CentreSTAGE

Recently she was involved in a new band 7 Spadi and On 15 th March, 2014 she will be taking part in the Ghanja tal-Poplu held at Sir Temi Zammit Hall and with this band will performed a song Il-Quċċata composed by Jeffrey Scicluna with words of Rita Pace