12/10 - Music Events in Malta - December 2010

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The following is a day-to-day list of music events in Malta for December 2010

(Please help M3P be better by adding any music events that you might be organising. Kindly keep to the same format.)

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Friday 10th December 2010

Rookie's Bar, Buġibba at 9pm - Three Stops to China and TwoTimeShooter

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Saturday 18th December 2010


HANDSOME FURS from Montreal, Canada will complete their upcoming European Tour here in Malta on the 18th December at the Escape Club (ex-Dukes) in Paceville.

Si...gned to what is probably the US’s most prestigious indie label, Sub Pop, (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Beach House, Fleet Foxes) Handsome Furs came together in 2007 when Dan Boeckner from high profile indie outfit Wolf Parade and wife Alexei Perry kick-started this new side project together.

This electro punk indie duo have released two albums on Sub Pop so far; 2007’s "Plague Park" and 2009’s "Face Control", both of which have been receiving ravishing reviews in the music press worldwide.

Handsome Furs deliver a ferocious set, combining muscular drum machine assaults, shards of guitar noise and exuding a palpable strong emotional connection that shimmers down to the audience. Anyway you cut it, this band makes for an adrenalin rush of a live show.

The night doesn’t belong to the Handsome Furs alone though. We've decided to go a step further and throw in something extra. Local act BARK BARK DISCO, the man behind the infamous or shall we say famous song and video ‘Song for Lovers’ will be the supporting act and as ‘special guest’ we are bringing you yet another Sub Pop act to ease you into the night.

In collaboration with Stagedive we present DANIEL MARTIN MOORE, a Kentucky based singer-songwriter who has just released a new album (with Ben Solee) called ‘Dear Companion.’ Rumour has it Sub Pop signed him after solely listening to his 4 track demo. They regard him that highly and you’d be mad to miss him. His set will begin at 9pm sharp.



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Ticket Hotline: 99846382

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