Ġużi Mallia (writer)

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Ġużi Mallia was a prolific author and celebrated children's broadcaster known as In-Nannu Peppu.

Born in Ħamrun on 21 June 1917, Ġużi Mallia studied at St Albert Central School. He was awarded the Senior Oxford certificate in 1935 and started working as a telephone operator and Assistant Protection Officer.

After spending a number of years working as a clerk, Mallia joined the Centrol Office of Information in 1958 as a script-writer and later as Information Officer. He worked at the Department of Information until 1976. He was praised by the Governor of Malta on the Government Gazette dated 1 February 1944, for his sterling service.

Mallia became a contributing writer and broadcaster with Rediffusion in 1951, producing and presenting children's programmes for a quarter of a century. He wrote various radio serials, documentaries and short stories. He also published a number of books.

He died on 10 April 2004 at the age of 87.