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VocalBooth Studios were launched in September 2014 mainly for vocal coaching purposes and rehearsals. The rooms are fully equipped with the latest sound technology and are purposefully constructed for vocal lessons and any singer's needs. Each studio is fully sound proofed thus allowing students to experience and learn about the proper sound acoustics and intensity as required in live gigs or performances. The studios are also catered with sound absorption panels just enough to keep the natural reverb of a room but damping unwanted sound acoustics that hinder the proper vocal output. Each mixer in the studios can take up to 4 microphones and also several instruments, therefore it is also an ideal place for rehearsing with live instruments rather than just a backing track.

Each studio is spacious enough to cater for rehearsals and also has a large mirror in order for students and singers to be able to see their performance and work on perfectioning their whole performance including stage presence and image. The Studios have full access to the internet during Vocal Sessions and rehearsals and the latest technology is used for easy access to lyrics and music scores.


Singers attending our studios vary from beginners to more advanced and well established singers. Before starting regular lessons, students pass through an initial audition by one of the tutors in order to be assessed for their musicality and potential. This being said, no previous singing experience is required in order to be chosen as one of the attending students. At VocalBooth Studios, singers are also encouraged to sit for internationally recognised Vocal examinations from Trinity College London and impeccable results were achieved so far, always thanks to the extraordinary tutors who are very dedicated to their profession and their students.

One-to-one Sessions

At our studios we strongly believe in individual attention and that every singer's voice is different and unique. Thus singers who want to take singing professionally and to higher levels definately require these type of sessions in order to plan lessons specifically catered for his/her voice. Our tutors are trained to identify their students' needs and guide them according to their voice, which differs from that of other singers. Students get individual singing lessons on a weekly basis, focusing on all aspects of singing, starting from exploring own voice, basic anatomy and physiology of the human voice, singing techniques, music theory and musicality, ear training, harmony, song interpretation and vocal style, improvisation, vocal stamina, performance and all a singer requires in order to break out into the musical industry.

Vocal Troupes

We also offer group singing sessions called Vocal Troupes which are also held on a weekly basis. Here singers are given the opportunity to sing in harmony, do workshops, build self-confidence and interact with other students according to their age and also their singing levels. Vocal Troupes were primarily conceived after seeing a lot of potential in singing students to form vocal ensembles and create good music as a group! Troupers are divided into Juniors, Teens and Seniors according to their ages. They are directed and tutored by Glen Vella, Pamela Bezzina and Josef Tabone together with other guest tutors from every area of the entertainment industry. The main aim behind these sessions are to teach different techniques that are necessary for singing in a group which are different to individual / solo singing. More than anything, these sessions are fun, energetic, interactive, build self confidence and fight stage frights. They are also ideal for those interested in choir singing and backing vocalists since they focus a lot on harmony, blending, dynamics, musicality including rhythm, basic music theory and vocal technique.

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