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Vince Fabri

Vince Fabri born on 30 March 1960 is a Maltese singer-songwriter from Valletta. He is best know as a singer, guitarist and a song writer in Malta's popular weekly television talk show Xarabank on TVM since 1997.

Vince Fabri

Apart from numerous solo performances as singer-songwriter, since the mid-1980s he has been successfully involved in writing lyrics and composing music for television and theatrical productions.

A CD with the songs he wrote for a satirical television program called "Aħn' Aħna jew m'Aħniex" (1987/88) is undoubtedly one his best selling releases.

In 1991 Fabri composed the music for the lyrics written by the Maltese poet and writer Oliver Friggieri from his own poems entitled "Mal-Fanal Hemm Ħarstek Tixgħel". This was originally released on cassette and later on CD. A launch concert took place at the Sala Isouard of the Manoel Theatre.

He is also one of the coordinators of a Maltese literally group Poeżijaplus, which has been holding monthly literally evenings since 1999.

In 2007 he participated in the poetry festival 'Voix de la Méditerranée' held every year in Lodeve, a town of southern France, and in November 2008 he performed at Literature Live Festival in Croatia and in the Biennale Internationale de Poésie en Val de Marne in France.

A series of events called Vince & Friends was produced by Fabri every Thursday at CityPro Cafe in Valletta during the summer of 2011.


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