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The First Tre Bambole – Enya Magri, Yanika Galea and Nicole Galea

It was way back to the year 2006 when in the singing school Singer Stage Academy direct by singer Priscilla Psaila, was formed a Trio with the name Tre Bambole with the main singer Enya Magri and the sisters Yanika Galea and Nicole Galea, after about three years this trio was stopped from the Maltese music scene.

Passing years and ‘Kaya’ Priscilla Psaila Giordano continued with her work to teach singers and help them to get their singing career. She always had the desire to see a trio similar to Management to resume the Tre Bambole continues where they left the others.

Everything started when in 2015 some of her students where train by Priscilla, in August to taken part in auditions make for an event held in October to go and participate in Rome in the Cantagiro Contest. Truth these singers would go participate as cast together with, but after a trial that was held in the Academy Stage Singer, it was decided to these singers, Rihana Azzopardi, Elisa Muscat and Amy Pace to went and sing together, so they continued to prepare themselves for Cantagiro, after the suggestion of Priscilla it was decided to go and take part with a song with Italian lyrics ‘Tre Bambole’ penneat by Christopher Azzopardi and music by ‘Kaya’ Priscilla Giordano Psaila, this song was that the orginal ‘Tre Bambole’ sings years ago. The three new singers appeared to agree with the direction of her teacher, and also with the support of the parents.

The first time that they sings together was in September, 2015, when they participated in a television programme festival Sajf Ma’ Gaffiero 2015 and places First Places in their Category.

Tre Bambole – Rihana Azzopardi, Elisa Muscat and Amy Pace

After they taken part in a Contest ‘Raise Your Voice' organized by Erseb Productions, and even here, they were placed first, then took part in a ‘Ilħna tal-Futur’ and even here were also placed first. It was pretty clear that the three singers were going good together with great satisfaction to their teacher, who now was discovered a Tre Bambole again to Management, but these three festivals was a good preparation to served for 'Cantagiro 2015' contest in October 2015 at Rome. Here the trio were awarded second place.

In November, 2015 they participated again in another contest of Erseb Productions where the trio with the song 'Tre Bambole’ succeeded again and get the 'Overall’ Trophy.

Beside this, the three singers from time to time continued to taken part also as individual singers, and continued even as a Trio too, as ‘Tre Bambole, where also start singing another song named ‘Save Rock 'n' Roll’ , original was sing by Maltese group Guess Who in 2006.

Tre Bambole got also their Maltese original song named 'Ftit Imqarqċin' with Emil Calleja Bayliss lyrics and music by ‘Kaya’ Priscilla Giordano Psaila, and they were participated in the Second Edition of the Maltese Konkors Melodija Maġika 2017 organized by Ally-El Entertainment and gained the third place.