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Teddie Zammit

Teddie Zammit born on 9 July, 1963 at Victoria, Gozo. He is a singer song writer. He is married to Frances and have two children Mark Laurence Zammit and Elena. Started to learn to play the guitar and sing of twelve years go youth center. Continued studying the classical guitar in school Johann Strauss Malta.

Teddie Zammit

At an early age he was taking part in festivals with songs and written and composing himself. He write also songs for his friends and for children. For the last twenty years is the band leader of StraitAhead where in the past this band was residing in different hotels, weddings, parties and other places of entertainment. Today the same band playing in several pubs, wine and beer festivals with music rock from the 70s and 80s. The band consists of six members. For fifteen years Teddie was a guitarist and singer of folk Astra Group which of several exhibitions in countries across Europe and places around Malta and Gozo. Beside this Teddie taken part in serverals Muscials held in Don Bosco Oratory one could mention Madre Teresa.

Teddie have been taking part in the l-Għanja tal-Poplu festival since 2001 and by 2015 Teddie took part ten times, in this Festival which had several musicians accompany even as duet with singers including Mariella Cassar, Pamela Bezzina, Margaret Camilleri (Morena) and Rita Pace. In this festival won the prize of Best musical arrangement in 2001, for Riflessi , ranking third place in duet Storja Bejn Tnejn with Morena in 2004 and won the Best Social Theme for Agħtuni Ċans in 2009.

In 2001 took part in Maltese Song Festival with the song, Mid-Djarju Tiegħi. Teddie feels that the Maltese music sung in Maltese, is not sufficiently appreciated by the general public even even by DJs, presenters on the media and even by musicians and singers.