Reno Cassar

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Reno Cassar

Reno Cassar born on 7 May, 1983. He comes from Qormi. He was a a lead Trumpet Player. He started his music education in trumpet practice at seven years old, at the Pinto Band Club in Ħal-Qormi under the direction of Mro. Dominic Darmanin, former trombone player with the Manoel Theatre Orchestra. With Mro. Darmanin, he also studied music theory and sat for various examinations in trumpet performance.

Two years later, Reno pursued his studies in music theory and trumpet practice at the Johann Strauss School of Music under the guidance of Mr. Joe Agius, former Principal trumpet with the Manoel Theatre Orchestra. At the age of 14, he continued his studies with Mro. Roderick Bugeja, Principal Trombone with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, where he obtained further qualifications in theory and practice. During that time, he also started studying Harmony with Mro. Lawrence Borg.

Under the guidance of Mro. Kevin Abela, principal trumpeter of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Reno obtained the Associate and Licentiate diplomas in trumpet Performance. He also attended brass playing technique classes held by tuba player Christopher Spiteri. Reno is studying harmony and counterpoint under the guidance of Mro. Ray Sciberras.

Reno Cassar

In 2006, Together with a group of talented musicians, Reno was one of the founders of the Big Band Brothers. Six years later, he joined the Versatile Brass Band. Afterwards, he joined the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra for one year in which he gained experience about orchestral repertoire under the direction of Wayne Marshall, Brian Schembri and Michael Laus amongst others.

Since 2013, Reno forms part of the Brass House Unit founded by Mro. Kevin Abela. While making his utmost to achieve the best from every experience he meets, Reno tries to keep an eye on what is going on within the local and worldwide musical scenes. Reno’s versatile musical approach brought him to widen his interests and appreciate various genres of music. Consequently, he plays with other several local bands including Spiteri Lucas Entertainment and Mro. Paul Abela.

Throughout the year, he plays in private functions, concerts and local TV shows. In his free time, Reno enjoys composing funeral and festive marches and practicing different techniques in trumpet performance. He shares his passion with young students who show interest in learning music. Complimenting this, Reno’s full time job, also within the field of education, is that of a Learning Support Assistant at St Augustine College, il-Marsa.